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ECommerce Advanced Website Features


Perfect for retailers, wholesalers, eBay sellers, from small and home businesses to large businesses.



There are countless options for customizing your ecommerce website exactly the way you want it.


Things like specials, featured products, coupon codes, gift certificates, tax rates, currencies, payment options, shipping options, downloadable products, newsletters and more are all made easy with the simple online interface.


Accept payments by PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Deposit, Cheque,
Money Order or dozens of other payment options.


types of acceptable payments



Calculate postage costs automatically.

The website calculates postage costs automatically using the Australia post and US Postal Service websites. You can also choose from dozens of other shipping methods to suit your needs.


Optimized for the search engines.

Getting your site listed on the major search engines is vital to your success. The website has built in functions that maximize your chance of getting listed. Simply use your keywords in your product titles and descriptions and the website automatically uses those terms to optimize your site for the search engines.


Custom designed for your business.

The design, layout, colours and logo are all designed to meet your specifications. We incorporate your existing logo into the design or create a new logo for you if you don't already have one. This service alone is worth the price of the website.


Lots more features:


 Powerful shopping cart website with a content management system that allows you to update everything on your website in minutes.

 Secure password protected administration area where you can control everything on your website from any computer with an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.

 Sell anything you like on your website including regular products and services or downloadable software such as mp3s and ebooks. It's the perfect sales tool for any kind of business.

 Add an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories making your website easy and intuitive to navigate.

 Add an unlimited number of products and services. Whether you only have a few products or tens of thousands of products, adding, editing and deleting products on your website is a breeze.

 Add an unlimited number of information pages and web links so you can publish your own articles, content pages and web links in just a few seconds.

 Inventory control system lets you know how many products you have in stock at any given time.

 Easily change the contact details of your store such as store name, address, phone number and email. If you move premises or change your contact details, you can simply type in your new details and it will update the contact details on your entire website instantly.

 Setup your shop in shopping cart mode or as a product showcase. Choose whether you want your customers to be able to purchase online or just view your catalogue and contact you for details.

 Change the layout settings on your store such as image size, column width and page layout. With the click of a button you can change the way various parts of your store are displayed.

 Easily edit the text and formatting of your home page and every other page on your site. The built in what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor makes changing and formatting text a breeze.

 Easy to enter product details such as title, description, image, quantity in stock, model number, product weight, price and more. It only takes seconds to enter your product details making them instantly available for purchase on your website.

 Upload images straight from your computer. The website automatically resizes images from large to medium and thumbnail size saving you loads of time.

 Add multiple images for each product. The image handler lets you add as many images as you like with the click of a button.

 Put products on special and have category-wide and store-wide sales. Perfect for moving more stock during the holiday season or before stock take.

 Add featured products that you can showcase on the homepage to encourage more sales.

 Add attributes to products such as size and colour. This is perfect for selling clothes, shoes or any product that comes in different colours and sizes.

 Allow software products to be downloaded instantly after the customer purchases. If you sell ebooks or software the delivery process is fully automated saving you loads of time.

 Choose from a wide range of payment processors such as credit cards, money order, paypal, paypal express, google check out, authorize.net, wire transfer, eway and many more. No matter how you want to accept payment, there is an option that suits your business.

 Choose from a variety of shipping methods including Australia Post shipping rates, US Postal Service shipping rates, fixed shipping rates, table rates, free shipping, zone rates, per item and more. Easily adjust your preferred shipping rates so your customers know exactly how much the shipping fees will be before they purchase.

 Generate coupon codes that you can use to track which advertising methods are working best for you. Customers can also enter the coupon code during checkout to receive a discount.

 Generate gift certificates that your customers can give to friends and family members. The fully automated system lets customers buy a gift certificate and pass the code on to friends so they can purchase instantly from your store.

 View and edit customer details to keep track of your entire customer base.

 View and edit order details. See who has ordered products and print invoices and packing slips with the click of button.

 Create customer groups to give certain customers discounts or different pricing. This is perfect if you have different wholesale and retail customer pricing.

 Easily create sales tax rates for different countries and states.

 Create as many currencies as you like and update them in real-time. If you sell products internationally, your customers can simply choose their own currency from a drop down menu and get the exact exchange rates.

 Add language packs to install different languages on your site. Your customers can simply click their own country's flag and the site switches over to their language.

 View a variety of reports such as products viewed, products low in stock and customer referral details so you know at a glance how your website is performing.

 Change the layout and order of the side boxes. You can add or remove any of the side boxes to suit your business.

 Send emails to customers with the click of a button.

 Create newsletters to send out to customers and subscribers. This keeps your customers informed about changes to your website and reminds them to come back and buy more of your products.

 Easily change the admin username and password to keep your site secure.

 Place banner ads on your site to promote your own business or sell advertising space. Easily link your banners to other websites and track how many people have clicked on them.

 Built-in module for selling music cds and mp3s. If you sell music, then this module turns your site into a fully automated music sales site.

 Built in search engine optimization features. Simply use your keywords in your product titles and descriptions and the website automatically uses those terms to optimize your site for the search engines.

 Built-in search engine allows customers to search for products by keyword, manufacturer or price. This makes it easy for your customers to find the exact products they want and add them to the shopping cart.

 Customers can review products and add their own ratings and comments. This improves your credibility and increases the chance of people buying from your site.

 Easy for customers to checkout and pay for their items. The intuitive checkout system makes it incredibly simple for your customers to checkout helping to make you more sales.

 Returning customers can login to save filling out forms. Each customer gets their own membership on your site so they can login to review previous purchases, change their details and shop faster.

 Customers can choose which payment and shipping method they prefer. If you have a range of payment and shipping options, your customers can select the best options for them.

 Automatic emails are sent to customers when they sign up or purchase a product. This ensures your customers will feel safe that their orders have gone through and saves them contacting you to confirm the order.

 Your customers can use the tell-a-friend feature to email product details to their friends. This is a powerful tool that helps spread the word about your website.

 Permanent cart feature. When customers are logged in, any products added to their shopping cart remain there until they remove them, or check them out. Even if their internet connection drops out, they can come back and pickup where they left off.

 Address book feature. Customers have their own address book so products can be delivered to an address other than their own. This is perfect for sending birthday gifts direct to the birthday-person themselves.