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Requires Internet Access to be functional.
Uses UltraVnc Technology



Guaranteed to save you time and money when face to face support is not required.

wep remote support usb drive

Web support via remote access is available on a USB drive or by the clicking on the following download here link.

Download here.

The USB drive is a higher security version of this product and easier to access.

Ring 0412 536 566 to order yours NOW!
Only $60 + GST.

Contact our staff on 0412 536 566 to commence remote support..



NOTE: Users of this remote support system are in full control of their own computer and may choose to close the remote session at any time.

(for Internet Explorer browsers

1. Ring our staff on 0412 536 566 to request remote Web Support.

2. We will advise of the availability for support and Connection Details.


3. For users with WEP Remote Support USB drive

Insert the Remote Support USB drive into your computer.. The adjacent screen will appear.

Select Get Help from Web Equip Professionals. The connection Screen (shown at Step 8 below) will appear, then please go to Step 9.


For users without WEP Remote Support USB drive

Click on the Download Here link (see above).




4. The file WebEquipProfessionals.exe will appear

5. Click Save (Recommended file is saved to your Desktop)

6. Select Open Folder (once the download is complete)
This should locate the file WebEquipProfessionals.exe

7. Double click WebEquipProfessionals.exe (or Press Enter) Note: (A Securrity Warning - Unknown Publisher will appear - this is OK.)

8. Select Run

The adjacent screen will appear


9. We will advise which Connection Number is available. Double click on this Connection.



Note: A WEP Icon Warning remote support not connected will appear in System Tray at the right hand side bottom of your screen. This is OK. See the adjacent image.

Remote access to your computer should commence after several moments.

wep remote support connected Indicates connected remote support not connected Indicates not connected

It may be useful to stay on the phone so that our staff may continue to communicate with you.

remote support screen



remote support connected icon

10. To close the remote support session at any time right click on the connected WEP icon wep remote support connectedin the System Tray and select Close.

Users with a USB drive may select the Safely Remove Hardware icon safely remove hardware icon to close the Remote Access session and then remove the USB drive.

Technical assistance from WEP Partner Breakthru IT Services is also available with this service.



Maybe you would like to assist your clients with remote support.
Ring now and let us customise a similiar solution for you!

Guaranteed to save you and your clients time and money.


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