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Engineering Plus

Water Engineering Plus provides professional flood water management services and water quality investigations. 

The WEP team comprises engineers and scientists who offer practical solutions to complex water issues in natural and built environments. 

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The WEP team hold over 100 years of experience between them in the areas of:

  • Provision of expert flooding advice to private companies and local, state and federal government bodies

  • Flooding investigation and assessment

  • Flood risk management and emergency flood management planning

  • Expert witness services

  • Third party peer review

  • Modelling of difficult to develop sites with tight tolerances on allowable impacts

  • Stormwater management and design - quantity and quality

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)

Hydrology and Flood Studies
  • 1D/2D and 2D flood modelling of rivers and creeks

  • Rainfall-runoff (hydrological) modelling

  • Flood impact assessments

  • Flood mitigation

  • Flood risk management

  • Linear infrastructure flood assessment

  • Flood guidelines, adaptation and planning

  • Dam break analysis

  • Flood data collection and interpretation

  • Peer review of all of the above

  • Expert witness services

Water Quality Investigations
  • Water quality modelling

  • Review of water quality monitoring data

  • Advice in relation to water quality management for developments, including lakes

  • Peer review of all of the above

  • Expert witness services

Surface Water Management
  • Stormwater Management Plans

  • DRAINS and MUSIC modelling

  • Sediment Basin and Dam design

  • Detailed civil design and as-constructed review

  • Concrete batch plant surface water management

  • Detailed site water balance

Our Capabilities


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PO Box 1779 MILTON BC QLD 4064
Phone: +61 07 3871 0411

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